About Me

scales_dreamstime_10249487Attorney-Blogs is written by Samatha Cater, an attorney in Portland, Oregon. You can find more information about me and my law practice here at lontpdx.com.

In Attorney-Blogs, I talk about the  law and the legal system in plain English. My goal is to help everyday folk who may find themselves involved in the legal system understand more about what is going on.

It is important that everyone reading this understand what I am NOT doing, so here is my disclaimer:

This blog is for informational purposes only — nothing posted here is intended to be legal advice. Nothing in this blog is intended to create an attorney-client relationship, including any comments or emails to or from Samantha that are transmitted through this blog.

Unless we have a signed representation agreement, I am not your lawyer. If you have any questions about a specific legal matter, you should consult an attorney.